Climbing Towers

Blackpool Climbing Towers, situated on Bancroft Park in the South of Blackpool, offer a unique outdoor location for climbing.

Blackpool Climbing Towers are tripod structures providing overhanging, vertical and easy-angled slab routes offering climbing for both the complete beginner and experienced climber alike.

There is also an open access bouldering wall situated on Bancroft Park.  The Bouldering wall is made from natural stone, 2.5 metres high and 12 metres long.  The wall utilises different rock types throughout providing a variety of climbing moves to aid specific training. 

Blackpool Climbing Towers offer the opportunity for both casual climbers and groups to access their facilities.



The Climbing Towers are now open for the summer season.

Monday 6pm - 9pm
Tuesday 6pm - 9pm
Wednesday 6pm - 9pm
Thursday 6pm - 9pm
Friday 6pm - 9pm
Saturday 10.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm


Mobile Climbing Wall Hire



 We now provide free parking facilities in the local car park, 400 meters from the climbing towers. You will require a parking pass to use this car park free of charge.  To register for you free pass, please click here.  For directions to the car park, please click here.  

Please note, you are no longer able to park on Bancroft Park itself, please use the local car park free of charge, as outlined above.

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Prices (Apply during standard opening times only)                        

Resident £4.70                                         
Non Resident £5.70
Resident Standard Concessionary Charge £2.95
Non-resident Standard Concessionary Charge £4.10

Taster session £8.00

Our fantastic value Sport Blackpool membership now includes Climbing and Bouldering!

Once a climber has paid the wall entry fee, they can, if they wish, stay to climb until the wall closes.

SCC includes customers in receipt of certain income or disability benefits, customers under 16 years, full-time students and residents over the age of 60 (in receipt of pension credit).

If you intend to lead climb please bring your own rope for use on the climbing towers. The miniumum rope length needed is 45 metres.

A miniumum of 13 quick draws would be needed to reach the top of the climbing towers although we do have mid anchor points in place.

Taster Sessions

We also offer climbing taster sessions for young people.  Simply ask your parent or guardian to sign a consent form, turn up with it on Friday from 7.30pm and an instructor will be available to let you have a go at climbing. These sessions are currently at Blackpool Sports Centre. £2.90 per session.

 Climbing Club

Parties & Groups           

Learn to Climb

Climbing & bouldering facilities are also available at Blackpool Sports Centre 

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